Getting the Game

First things first, you'll want to have the following dependencies installed:

Behavior on the Windows port of Irssi hasn't yet been tested, and I don't use Windows to be able to check.

Anyway, just download the WOF archive...wait, where is it?

Oh, right.

If you want to host your own WOF game, you'll have to buy the files from me. As for the price, let's I write this, there are 24,474 occurrences of the letters A, E, I, O, and U just between the script and the us_s26_config.ini configuration file. I'll be willing to sell this for...oh, how about the same price as any one of those vowels: US $250.00.

(And then once you have the files, they're free from my influence, and I won't be able to check what you're doing with them! If you want to sell copies of the same files for $251, or $260, to get your money back and then can! If you want to sell for $249 just to spite me, you can! If you want to upload them to anyone who finds the listing you put up for it on the Pirate Bay, you can!)

Of course, it probably won't come to the Pirate Bay by virtue of not needing to. Here's the deal: I know that digital information, upon wandering even once from a centrally controlled point of origination, does not have a kill switch built into its nature that can force it back to that point or else render it unusable. I don't purport to claim the existence or threaten the use of such a kill switch where there isn't one, nor would I want to. The price on WOF is US$250, which can be divided among any number of donors as they see fit.

Click this button if you feel like putting up some part of the "purchase price". As of 2009-01-23, the total amount covered was US$0.00. Once it gets to US$250.00 or more, the files will be made available here for everyone under the GPL, along with instructions for using them. You can go ahead and try out the game right now, for free, and if you like it enough to want to host your own version, you can always come back to this button...

Future Roadmap/Suggestions